Crosstalk Gear and Production

Production Information and Requirements

Crosstalk provides a self-contained rock show production with backline, sound, and lighting suitable for audiences up to 200 persons.  We can also easily work with house sound and/or lighting, providing our own backline and vocal/instrument mics and stands.

Our only requirements:
  • Minimum stage area approximately 8' deep x 18' wide
  • At least one 15A circuit, with 2 outlet boxes on stage
  • Reasonable climate control and comfort (ie, covered area for outdoor venues in the Texas summer)
  • Personal amenities (restroom facilities, dressing area)
  • Access to venue 2 hours prior to showtime for load-in, set up, and sound check

Sound Reinforcement

Microphones by Sennheiser, EV, CAD, and Shure
Allen & Heath MixWizard 16:2 16-channel mixer
Mackie 1400i Power Amp (Mains)
QSC RMX-850 Power Amp (Subs and Monitor)
JBL JRX Series 2-way 15' Mains with stands
Yamaha Club Series 2-way 12" Floor Wedge
Custom 18 Subs
dbx DriveRack PA+
Lexicon MX200 Effects Processor
Alesis 3630 Compressor


American DJ P64 Pro LED PAR Cans (4)
American DJ Mega Bar 50 LED Bar Lights (3)
Chauvet DMX-6 Controller
Light Trees (2)

Josh Barnette

'93 Fender American Standard Strat
'93 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer
Boss DM-2 Delay
Boss PS-2 Super Phaser
Boss TU-2 Tuner

Peavey Classic 50 410